Email to Students

Dear Students,

This is new Head for Academic Cell at Amritapuri Campus. I am writing this email to notify you about the changes being rolled out in the examination system in our campus.  Hope you are aware that we had a fruitful Class Representative’s meeting on Thursday. Quite a number of issues/suggestions were raised in the meeting. I would like to have such meetings at least once in a month.  Your suggestions/comments on the examination system are welcome. We will try to incorporate your suggestions in the system. The first priority is to get your requests online to serve you better.

Visit the (this) site:

If you are a fresher, the first periodical examination is your test bed! You may have already received mixed opinions from higher semester students. It is your responsibility to exercise the best from the examination.

If you are a higher semester student, then it is just another day of examJ. Cool!

Feel free to write to me at dcoe[at]

Br. Anand Shenoi,

Head, Academic Cell.

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