Exam Guidelines

During the pandemic period, when the teaching & learning is fully online, students are required to follow the instructions given by the faculty members. Proctoring is mandatory for the students attending supplementary examination.

During the normalcy, following procedures are followed:

  1. Periodical tests are conducted as per the dates announced in the Academic Calendar for the school.
  2. Room allocation is published online on the previous day of the examination for the forenoon session. Allocation for the afternoon session is published in the morning of the same day.
  3. Students shall carry their identity cards compulsorily.
  4. One has to be registered successfully to attend the examination.
  5. Student is allowed to write the examination only if he/she is registered in AUMS and his/her name appears in the attendance sheet.
  6. Merely attending the examination cannot be claimed as the eligibility to earn credit.
  7. University reserves the right to withhold the results if the student has found to be ineligible to write the any exam during the course.
  8. Late admission to examination hall is permitted until 09:55