Instruction for online fee payment

The following account details for online transactions relating to any certificate issued from Academic cell.  Students can pay their fee through this account and send a copy of acknowledgement to accounts department and academic cell. Once the confirmation regarding fee payment is received from the Accounts department, academic cell can release the Transcript,etc.
Amrita School of Engineering


Amrita School of Arts & Science


Bank Name                      :Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd.
Branch Name                   :MA. Math, Vallikavu branch
IFSC / RTGS Code             :DLXB0000260

Revaluation procedure of answer script

 Students who are not satisfied with the grades awarded are permitted to request for revaluation of answer scripts of the end semester. The request should be made within 7 days of publication of results to the Examination Section through the Chairperson of the Department. Students have to pay the prescribed fees.

Revaluation is permitted only for End semester Lecture based courses. The evaluation will be done by the faculty who handled the course, in the presence of the Chairperson and the applicant.If the revaluation leads to a better grade, the revised grade will be awarded to the student and in such cases, the revaluation fee will be refunded in full.

The revaluation request may  be mailed to

Procedure in sending the application to WES(World Education Services)

WES procedure letter                                   WES registration information


Every student shall register for a course which he/she wishes to undergo during a semester. Pre-registration happens at the end of the previous semester.  Class Advisor shall approve the registration of each students under him/her.

A student has to clear all the financial dues to complete the registration.

Late registration is permitted according to the date stipulated from time to time.

Students are required to go through the regulations for the thorough understanding of the process.

Minimum time required for issue of Certificates and revised fees structure

SI No. Item Minimum Period Documents Fees
1 Transcripts Four Working Days Prescribed Format Rs.200/-(First copy for each application)  + Rs. 100/Copy
2 Attestation of Certificates Three Working Days Photocopies, Cover Degree certificate produced with original Degree Certificate (Each Copy) Rs.100+18% GST (Rs.118/-)
Degree certificate produced without original Degree Certificate(Each Copy) Rs.500+18% GST (Rs.590/-)
Transcript or Consolidated Grade Sheet produced with original Certificate (Each Copy) Rs.100+18% GST (Rs.118/-)
Transcript or Consolidated Grade Sheet produced without original Certificate (Each copy) Rs.500+18% GST (Rs.590/-)
Grade Sheets (set) produced with original Certificate (Per Set) Rs.300+18% GST (Rs.354/-)
Grade Sheets (set) produced without original Certificate ( Per Set) Rs.700+18% GST (Rs.826/-)
3 Back log Certificate Three Working Days   Rs. 500/-
4 Genuineness  verification Two Working Days   Rs.590/-  as DD
5 Duplicate Grade Sheet Two Weeks Affidavit Signed Rs. 500/-
6 Name Change Grade Sheet Two Months Office order of Name Change Rs. 500/-
7 Duplicate Consolidated Grade Sheet Four Weeks Affidavit Signed Rs. 1000/-
8 Name Change Consolidated Grade Sheet Two Months Office order of Name Change Rs. 1000/-
9 Duplicate Degree Certificate Two Months Affidavit in Stamp Paper  Rs.2500+18% GST (Rs.2950/-)
10 Name Change Degree certificate Two Months Office order of Name Change Rs.2000+18% GST (Rs.2360/-)
11 Re-issue Degree certificate Two Months Re submssion of old certificates Rs.2000+18% GST (Rs.2360/-)

Migration Certificate(refer below link for Application Form)

2 Weeks  Application form with fees receipt, TC and Certificate copies  Rs.200/-

Duplicate Migration Certificate(refer below link for Application Form)

 2 Weeks  Application form with fees receipt, TC and Certificate copies  Rs.500/- 

Students are requested to submit the application for the same sufficiently in advance to avoid inconveniences. Application for 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 has to be submitted to the administrative office.

Application to the academic cell can be submitted and certificates can be collected through the student’s counter. They need not see the Deputy Controller for any of these purposes.