Detailed Instruction for Registration of Regular and Remedial Courses for the coming 2018-2019 Even Semester

Please note the schedule and procedure of registration of courses ( Both regular and remedial) for the coming Even semester. 

Regular registration 

  • Last date of online  student endorsement – 15-12-2018 (04:30 pm )( Including fee payment)
  • Last date of Department endorsement – 29-12-2018
  • Last date of Registrar endorsement – 02-01-2019
  • Commencement of Classes – 03-01-2019

Remedial Measures: (Re-registration (Redo with Juniors), Runtime Redo (Extra time redo), Contact)

  • Re-registration(Redo with Juniors)

Courses for Re-registration will be available in AUMS from – 05-12-2018 – 04:00 pm
Last date of Re-registration – 05-01-2019 – 04:00 pm

Note: Student Online endorsement  and department endorsement is compulsory for Redo with juniors.

Please ensure that there is no class timetable and exam slot clash before doing the endorsement.

  • Runtime Redo(Extra time redo) and Contact

Runtime redo courses and contact courses details from the department will be finalized and send to the academic cell on or before – 05-01-2019.

The courses will be available in AUMS for the students to register from 06-01-2019 .

Students will have to do the online registration and pay the fee online for run time redo courses. They will be automatically assigned to the classes.  Department endorsement in not required.

Please note: If department endorsement is done for the run time redo courses, it may cause issue in students getting allocated to respective classes. Hence this step is not recommended.

Final year students who are eligible to register for contact courses should give the details to their respective departments.

Eligibility  for Contact course – Student should not have scored ‘FA’ grade in the course applied under contact mode. He/She should not have done more than two courses under Contact mode in the entire programme of study.

Last date of  Remedial and contact registration – 13-01-2019  (including fee payment).