About Academic Cell.

Academic Cell is one of the core departments on the campus serving the academic community at ASAHC, ASPS, ASSC, ASSBS, ASC, and ASE. The services include course management, registration for the students, conduct of the examination, publication of results, and maintaining the records related to the examination.

Course Registration – Departments announce the courses offered for the next semester in the end of the running semester. Students shall follow the instructions given by the department/ academic cell to complete the registration on time.

Conduct of Examination – The examination is conducted as per the dates announced in the academic calendar. There can be changes in the dates due to unexpected holidays. Usually, the internal examination is scheduled within 40-45 instructional days from the beginning of the semester.

Results and following activities –¬†All the internal results are published in AUMS. Students are required to check the
results on time in their AUMS log in.